U.S. Open Launches Huge “Social Media Wall” at 700,000 Person Event

Sep 26

Are you looking to create new sponsorship opportunities that drive incremental revenue for your event – and generate innovative value props for your partners? Check out what the organizer of the largest tennis tournament in the U.S. did at their event earlier this month. The U.S. Open debuted a 50′ long x 8′ tall social media wall, which displayed...

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Retargeting Potential Attendees in Facebook’s News Feed

Sep 11

Facebook recently made it possible to retarget in the News Feed through its Facebook Advertising Exchange (FBX).  As we are seeing more and more shows employing retargeting as part of their attendee acquisition campaigns, we highlight a few key value drivers here and some early performance numbers which are impressive. If you use Facebook, you know the News Feed is...

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What’s Better? 10,000 Retargeting Cookies or 10,000 Facebook Likes?

Sep 06

I am not going to tell you the answer to the question in the headline. The purpose of this post is to get you to think about this question, and the many variations of it with other media channels, because it is the work to get to the answer more than the answer itself that will provide the biggest payoff for your events. As a media strategist and buyer who has...

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An Inside Look at the Making of the New Online Video for Hollywood’s Big Film Trade Show, AFM 2013

Jul 23

A few weeks ago, Encore client, American Film Market (AFM), launched a new video that will be used as part of its 2013 attendee acquisition campaign. As more and more shows are using video in their marketing, we thought we would share some insights into the making and deployment of the new video for this annual global b2b event with attendees from 70+ countries,...

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