Construmat 2017 Taps Bus Ads – Outdoor Not Just for B2C Shows

Jun 08

Construmat 2017 Taps Bus Ads – Outdoor Not Just for B2C Shows

We saw numerous bus ads for the recent Construmat, the 140,000 square foot construction industry trade show, at Fira Barcelona.

We highlight this show organizer’s use of bus advertising because many event marketers view outdoor as only a b2c tactic.  However, plenty of b2b marketers are using multiple outdoor media formats.

Construmat’s ads ran on the TMB bus network, which covers a nearly 900 kilometer footprint in the greater Barcelona area, with over 1,000 vehicles.

We saw two types of exterior bus ads, side and back displays.  Check out this full size photo we took of one of the ads on the back of the bus.  Note the use of minimal text and high contrast colors.  These tactics enabled a quick and easy read of their ads, which is very important in outdoor advertising.

One other interesting point worth noting for those of you who sell sponsorships for your events is that the show organizer rotated different sponsors through the ads so on one bus we saw an ad with one sponsor, and then on another bus, we saw an ad with a different sponsor.

Bus advertising offers scale in high-traffic density environments, multiple formats from interior cards to back/side displays and fully wrapped buses, and the ability to deliver exposure where other outdoor advertising may be prohibited – benefits which can be tasked for both b2b and b2c show applications.

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