U.S. Open Launches Huge “Social Media Wall” at 700,000 Person Event

Sep 26

Are you looking to create new sponsorship opportunities that drive incremental revenue for your event – and generate innovative value props for your partners? Check out what the organizer of the largest tennis tournament in the U.S. did at their event earlier this month.

The U.S. Open debuted a 50′ long x 8′ tall social media wall, which displayed real-time social commentary by players and fans, including Tweets and social content from Facebook and Instagram.

Anyone that used the hashtag, #usopen, or any of the three social media partners’ hashtags – Chase #chasereview, Esurance #advantage and Xerox #whyilovetennis – could see their comments, posts and pictures on the massive LED display unit.

The strategic placement provided great exposure for the partners plus this interactive experience directly connected fans with sponsors, especially via above-the-line sponsor activations.

For example, Chase activated their sponsorship with a promotion that encouraged fans to tweet a photo of their reactions to what was happening on the court (for example, a “smash” or an “ace” or “winner”) to be featured on the social media wall and have a chance to win courtside tickets for the 2014 U.S. Open and a check for $1,500.

The three U.S. Open social media wall partners each received “a three minute rotation on the wall that showcased fan generated and sponsor branded content connected to a unique hashtag and activation.  Each rotation was also supported by #usopen for the fan generated 2 minute, 30 second window of the rotation.”

Consider combining digital signage and social media to create new opportunities to drive sponsor/attendee engagement. Plus collaborate with sponsors to activate sponsorships through above-the-line activities as this can enhance value for all parties: the event, the sponsors and the attendees.

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