Retargeting Potential Attendees in Facebook’s News Feed

Sep 11

Facebook recently made it possible to retarget in the News Feed through its Facebook Advertising Exchange (FBX).  As we are seeing more and more shows employing retargeting as part of their attendee acquisition campaigns, we highlight a few key value drivers here and some early performance numbers which are impressive.

If you use Facebook, you know the News Feed is at the heart of the experience so you can clearly see the value of promoting your events in this highly coveted real estate.  These ads also have a social layer (likes, comments and shares), which provides bonus value at no-cost as Facebook does not charge extra for social actions.  These are two major benefits of FBX’s latest News Feed (NF) retargeting ads versus the right hand side (RHS) retargeting ads, which they have offered for a while now.

Retargeting solutions provider, AdRoll, recently released a report which contains results from their analysis of 547 advertisers running over one billion impressions across FBX NF, FBX RHS and standard web retargeting campaigns.  The sample included advertisers across multiple verticals with budgets ranging from less than $1,000/month to over $20,000/month.

Here are some of their compelling findings…

– FBX NF retargeting had a CTR 49x higher than FBX RHS and 21x higher than standard web retargeting.

– FBX NF CPCs were ½ that of FBX RHS campaigns and 1/5 of web retargeting.

– FBX NF grew from 0% of AdRoll’s overall clicks to 15% in one month.

Though the FBX NF numbers are very strong, AdRoll points out that “News Feed alone doesn’t have the reach or scale of RHS or standard web, and should therefore be used in conjunction with the other channels.”  Also, according to the AdRoll report, “News Feed and RHS placements complement one another and result in an overall increase in clicks at a combined lower CPC.”