An Inside Look at the Making of the New Online Video for Hollywood’s Big Film Trade Show, AFM 2013

Jul 23

A few weeks ago, Encore client, American Film Market (AFM), launched a new video that will be used as part of its 2013 attendee acquisition campaign.

As more and more shows are using video in their marketing, we thought we would share some insights into the making and deployment of the new video for this annual global b2b event with attendees from 70+ countries, including how the organizer leveraged this creative asset with social media.

AFM’s objective was to produce a creative asset with rich messaging value not just an image piece showing a bunch of cool footage from the show so the video syncs very tightly with AFM’s core messaging strategy.  All “why you should attend” copy points that are employed in direct mail, email, etc. are integrated into the video.

The structure of the video is based on a set of segments which correlate to key content of the show relevant to the target set for this video.  The information architecture (the order in which the segments are delivered) and the weight of each segment (duration) also ties back to AFM’s core messaging strategy.

On-screen text plays a key role in the messaging execution, and these copy overlays are run simultaneously with voice overs at multiple times to reinforce key points.

The video is 3:45 minutes.  The duration spec was a key tactical decision, and was determined based on multiple variables including optimal amount of time necessary to convey key content, digital video consumption habits and run time of other trade show videos.

AFM will leverage this creative asset in its emails, web site and social media, and used a Facebook ad buy to promote the launch of the video.  Within the first 24 hours, the video received over 1,400 Video Plays, and nearly 1,200 combined Post and Page Likes.

The main hosting platform for the AFM video is YouTube.  This decision was made for a variety of reasons but one of the key benefits of this platform is its capabilities in handling increasing mobile video consumption.

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